Relax is from the archive of the Aston Grey Project.  It’s a relaxation CD that is now being used in massage polars all over the world.  Never released any single from this recording.  Need to Chill Just Click Here

It’s the first smooth jazz CD from the project.  The guys gives you an array of flavor from Swing Jazz to Smooth Jazz.  Features the 2 singles Relax your mind and Groovin.  Sample it now Click Here

Released Sept 10, 2013

It’s Finally Here!  The first single from the Aston Grey Project new CD Changing The Game. 

A classic ballad made popular by Ms. Anita Baker.  The Aston Grey Project has brought their own flavor to this popular gem.  Check it out Click Here

The guys are back with the 3rd offering! The Sounds of 52nd St.  A CD totally dedicated to Swing jazz.  This CD is very reminiscing of friday and saturday nights in NYC when 52nd street was all about swing jazz.  Released February 18, 2014

Click Here

It’s the second smooth jazz CD from the project. This CD is the one that will take the band to the next level.  The first single is the Anita Baker classic Angel already making noise at radio.  CD’s Features Cece Peniston, Gabriel Bello, Chantual Williams Reggie Graves, Robyn Springer and a host of others.   Sample it now 
Released 3/3/2015
The Sensual Side of a Jazz Band is almost ready for delivery!  The perfect CD to set the mood for you and your lover!  CD Available Everywhere

The Greatest Hits from the first 5 CD’s from the Aston Grey Project.  While the guys prepare a totally new Smooth jazz CD you can enjoy all the hits from Previous Works.  Released 11.30.16

The Latest Offering from the Project.  Outta Time Picks Up Where The Sensual Side Left off and continues the Journey.  Coming Sept 2018